Lip Blush is a semi-permanent color over the whole lip that can ​improve symmetry, definition, color and size.
Add a little balm for a natural looking tint or just bitten flush.

Lip Blushing

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo technique used to create the illusion of natural fuller brows with tattooed hair strokes. This is for new clients who haven't had any microblading or tattoo work done on their eyebrows. Not for clients with oily or mature skin.


A combo brow is recommended when you don't have much natural hair. Microblading gives the brow texture, while light shading gives the brow some density.

Combo Brow

A 8-12 week perfecting session is mandatory in order to achieve final results. It consists of touching up strokes that have lightened. Some individuals may need 2.

8-12 week touchup

Touchups yearly are recommended to keep your brows fresh, and to fill in spots that have faded over time.

Annual Touchup

After your service, you will be provided with an after care kit and detailed instructions on how to best take care of your new brows. Following after care is crucial to get the best results.

After care kits

Aftercare instructions

After Care

Pat gently with a damp paper towel every hour until you go to bed. Right before bed, wash gently with antibacterial soap and pat dry. Don't apply any aftercare. 

Wash brows with antibacterial soap morning and night. Pat dry. Apply a SMALL amount of aftercare on each end of a q-tip. Gently apply to brows and pay excess aftercare off with a paper towel or cotton round. 

Wash brows once a day with antibacterial soap. Pat dry and apply thin layer of aftercare. Use the aftercare as needed when brows feel dry or itchy. 

Pick, scratch, or touch your eyebrows. No swimming (lakes, pools, or hot tubs) for 2 weeks. No saunas or sweating for two weeks. No makeup directly on eyebrows for 10-14 days until brows are done flaking. Avoid excessive sunlight and tanning beds as they will rapidly fade your brows.


Day of:

Days 2-4:

Days 5-10: